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PERSIA Concept Store

MON - SUN 10 A.M. - 8 P.M.

Welcome to PERSIA Concept Store, a piece of art from PERSIA, established in 2019 in Prague, Land of stories…

Here is the right point where you can find hand made & modern valuable products by Persian Artists, 

We offer unique, timeless & functional products for every day life, some of them familiar, others waiting to be discovered.

The idea of establishing such a concept store got raised when we realized the lack of the place in Prague to represent the best Persian’s design, fashion and arts.

PERSIA Concept Store is connecting ideas and culture, where art and history and also imagination get together and make something unique.

Our ambition is to present a different category of art in order to transcend the expectation of traditional retail, beyond shopping.

Persian hand made arts is well known in the history by the uniqueness, high quality material and the most important one                “ the idea behind each of them”.


PERSIA Concept Store